Method for Controlling Cost in Production Workshop of Crate Mould GENEALOGY NETWORK HUB

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  • Description: The layout of the production workshop of the Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is focused on two aspects: under the conditions of production demand, the layout is optimized according to the production process, and the requirements for flexible energy consumption under specific production conditions are met. 1. The power supply has an appropriate margin while meeting the power required for stable production, so that the surplus is too large and the non-functional consumption is excessive. 2. Construct an efficient cooling water circulation facility and equip the cooling water system with an effective insulation system. 3. Optimize the overall production layout of the workshop. Many productions have successive processes, and reasonable cooperation can reduce the time and energy consumption required for turnover and improve production efficiency. 4. Consider lighting and other plant equipment as much as possible with effective small units. 5. Regular maintenance of the workshop equipment to avoid damage to the utility facilities, affecting the normal operation of the production, resulting in increased energy consumption. Click Dustbin Mould to learn about more information.