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  • Description: The penetration rate of pure water machines in China is very low. Many people don't know much about pure water machines. It is not clear how the difference between pure water machine water and other types of water purifiers. In short, the pure water machine is the RO water reverse osmosis membrane as the core filter material, which can thoroughly filter the impurities in the water and produce water purification products with higher effluent quality. The Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer(KOKOELECTRIC) will introduce you to the reverse osmosis water purifier. Nowadays, the most common in China's market is the reverse osmosis water purifier. The pure water machine is a kind of water purifier. The core water purification technology is also the reverse osmosis water purification technology. However, in order to ensure that the quality of the effluent can reach the level of pure water, the pure water machine adopts a multi-stage filtration structure. In the pure water machine, the front filter element filters large particles of impurities such as sediment and rust; the activated carbon filter element absorbs residual chlorine and odor; the ultrafiltration filter filters organic particles. When the water enters the working part of the reverse osmosis membrane, the RO membrane passes through the high-precision pores of 0.0001 μm, filtering out various tiny particles in the water, such as heavy metal ions, viruses, bacteria, etc., so that the tap water reaches a particularly high purity. . Finally, the pure water machine will also be equipped with a rear activated carbon filter to make the quality of the water better. After these complicated filtration systems, the quality of pure water machine effluent far exceeds the national standard for tap water testing and has reached international standards. Because of the high quality of pure water, many people choose to install a pure water machine. Click Reverse Osmosis Systems Manufacturer to learn about more information.