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  • Posted On: Aug 26, 2019
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  • Description: There are many reasons for the impact of the Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) cycle, three of which are directly affecting the daily necessities mould cycle. 1. Daily necessities mould itself Reasons: a: The cooling system requires uniform cooling, and the daily necessities mould needs to be fully cooled. b: The injection system requires uniform injection moulding, and it is necessary to reduce injection moulding obstacles, such as flow path obstruction. c: The guiding system needs to be smooth and unobstructed for the guide column and other guides. d: The ejector system is best to make the daily necessities mould open, and it can be simultaneously ejected without any noise. 2. Machine reason: The pre-plasticizing speed of the machine will directly affect the daily necessities of the mould cycle, pre-plastic and screw speed, such as injection pressure, screw advance speed, opening and closing speed, injection moulding machine ejection, These parameters, and details will affect the daily necessities of the mould cycle. 3. Other causes affect the daily necessities of the mould cycle; a. plastic flow, b. injection moulding process, c. injection moulding environment, such as cooling water temperature, climate reasons. Click Household Product Mould to learn about more information.