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  • Description: Color difference of daily necessities refers to the phenomenon that the surface color of daily necessities products has a regional change and the colors are not uniform. There are many reasons for product color difference, mainly including plastic, color masterbatch, injection molding machine, Daily Necessities Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) , injection molding products and uneven mixing of color masterbatch and plastic. The key factor causing color difference in plastic products is the influence of plastic and color master. For example, when producing light-colored products, it is necessary to consider the obvious influence of different thermal stability of plastics on the luster fluctuation of products. Injection molding manufacturers should strengthen the inspection of raw materials entering the warehouse; In the production, the same product shall be produced by the same manufacturer, masterbatch of the same brand and color masterbatch as much as possible. For color masterbatch, we need to conduct random color test before mass production. We need to check it with the last time and compare it with this time. If the color difference is not big, it can be qualified, as if the batch of color masterbatch has slight color difference. We can re-mix the color masterbatch and reuse it to reduce the color difference caused by uneven mixing of the color masterbatch itself. At the same time, we also need to focus on testing the thermal stability of plastics and color masterbatch. For those with poor thermal stability, we suggest manufacturers to replace them. Injection molding machines and daily necessities mould can also cause color differences in plastic products. If the injection molding machine has problems such as dead corners of materials, it is better to replace the equipment. For the color difference caused by the mold gating system, exhaust slot, etc., it can be solved by maintaining for the corresponding daily necessities mould. It is necessary to solve the problems of injection molding machines and molds before production can be organized to reduce the complexity of the problem. The uneven mixing of color masterbatch and plastic will also cause color difference. After the plastic and the masterbatch are mechanically mixed evenly, when they are fed into the hopper through lower suction, the masterbatch is separated from the masterbatch due to electrostatic action and is easily adsorbed on the hopper wall, which will inevitably cause the change of the masterbatch quantity in the injection molding cycle, thus generating color difference. The amount of color masterbatch fed into the feeder at a fixed rotational speed depends on the plasticizing time, which itself fluctuates and sometimes even fluctuates greatly. Therefore, to ensure a constant feeding amount, the feeding time of the feeder needs to be fixed and the set time is less than the minimum plasticizing time. Attention should be paid when using the feeder, as the outlet of the feeder is relatively small, after using for a period of time, the feeder may not be allowed to be discharged due to the raw material particles accumulated in the screw of the feeder, and even the feeder may stop rotating, so regular cleaning is required. Injection molding process will also affect the color difference of products. When the injection molding process parameters need to be adjusted for non-color difference reasons, the injection molding temperature, back pressure, injection molding cycle and color master addition amount shall not be changed as much as possible, and the effect of process parameter changes on luster shall be observed at the same time of adjustment. If color difference is found, it shall be adjusted in time. As far as possible, avoid using high injection speed, high back pressure and other injection processes that cause strong shearing action, and prevent chromatic aberration caused by local overheating or thermal decomposition and other factors. Strictly control the temperature of each heating section of the charging barrel, especially the nozzle and the heating section close to the nozzle. During the production of plastic products, the color difference of daily necessities mould is easy to appear, which is also an easy problem to solve. As long as we consider and analyze the main causes of product color difference, we can fundamentally solve the color difference problem of daily necessities mould products. Click Household Product Mould to learn about more information.