How to Solve The Orange Peel Phenomenon on The Surface of Furniture Mould GENEALOGY NETWORK HUB

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  • Posted On: May 15, 2019
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  • Description: What is the orange peel phenomenon is a common problem in the polishing process during the daily polishing process? It means that the surface quality of the Furniture Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) after polishing is poor, and there are two kinds of polishing excessive occurrence: orange peeling and pitting. So we want to know what caused the orange peel phenomenon? The surface of the furniture mould is overheated or carburized. The polishing pressure and polishing time are too long. It is the main cause of orange peel. It is embodied in the polishing of the guide plate. The pitting artefacts formed often make the hard and brittle oxides cause steel. Medium, so the cause of pitting corrosion is generally the polishing pressure, the purity of the steel is not high, the surface of the furniture mould is rusty, how to solve this problem? 1. Carefully re-grind the surface. The sand size is slightly larger than the previously used size. When the grit size is less than 1mm, the softest polishing tool should be avoided. 2. The shortest polishing time and minimum polishing intensity should be used as much as possible. 3. Remove the defective surface, the grinding particle size using the sand size is slightly larger than the first level, grinding, polishing particle size is lower b. The stress temperature below the tempering temperature of 25 ° C, using the fine sand in the front for polishing, grinding, and finally the lightest polishing. Click Air Cooler Mould to learn about more information.