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With PoE trade currency having a huge content

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    January 10

    With PoE trade currency having a huge content update announcement a week, I knew that I needed to go through the game firsthand. It's a way prior to doing coverage to familiarize myself with mechanics and the qualities.

    As a long-time ARPG player, I thought it could be easily handled by me. Little did I know that the learning curve and the game's mechanics would shock me to the core. The first time that happened was the moment I started my character's skill tree.

    My wife needed me to PoE goods pick a Ranger, so I did. I half expected just a few points I had to devote and some bread-and-butter abilities to make things operate. But, when I opened that ability tree, I didn't even know where to begin.

    Finally, I started dumping points into Dexterity, Attack Speed, and Criticals, thinking that those stats were the best strategies to improve my DPS. Little did I know that Path of Exile is more about using a focus on Health and Resistances.

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