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You Don't want players to immediately

  • January 11

    So who thinks that Old School RuneScape is exactly the same as five years ago when the servers came online, as well as 10 years ago when the version was'fresh', is wrong. Not only small items how to make money on runescape osrs are corrected, but revolutionary changes have also been added into the game since OSRS went online.

    "First of all, we were able to look carefully at the development of RuneScape from 2007. What went wrong on that street, we can learn from doing well in Old School. The same is true for the removal of stubborn bugs that were present at the moment. After all, You Don't want players to immediately dive into old mistakes and make the game unplayable within daily."

    "We also introduced new ways to train abilities, followed up on the iconic quests Monkey Madness and Dragon Slayer and there are new game modes based on Old School."

    Kemp have to laugh. "There has been no stopping in five years!"

    Throughout the last variant of RuneFest in the start of September this past year, the debut to get a mobile version of Old School RuneScape was scheduled for December. It is now the end of February and also RuneScape Mobile is still not accessible. What is happening?

    Just an underestimation of what work is involved in a cellular MMORPG, Kemp says honestly.

    "Where we've been operating with RuneScape for many years with the exact same tech and thus understand how the fork is working, which makes the game for a cell phone is over 1-to-1 transfer" "Where at the normal client we If you are able to see a problem and may come up with a solution, it is always a question of exactly what goes wrong with the mobile version. And sometimes that puts you back several steps."

    Looking back at older brother RuneScape 3 isn't a fixed solution based on Kemp. Where possible, the teams of both matches work collectively, but RuneScape is a lot more complex than the older Old School. "We do have the advantage that our version works on older mobile telephones.

    Although Old School RuneScape will not play on mobile phones during the five-year jubilee of OSRS, the birthday is well worth a party. The milestone is celebrated in the sport, but what exactly can players expect?

    A look back at the previous five years can i buy gps in osrs at a distinctive museum. Kemp:"All new content that has been inserted in these five years has been provided a place. From quests to gear and from new training methods to characters. A trip down memory lane! "