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Epic Games is updating Fortnite Items again

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    March 17

    Epic Games is updating Fortnite Items again to make changes to this limited-time Avengers: Infinity War style, Infinity Gauntlet, which features the mega-powerful Thanos. Specifically, the upgrade will change his traits to make him more powerful, but also somewhat easier to kill.

    Starting off, Thanos' Beam is now deadlier; it does 20 damage rather than 12. Balancing this out somewhat is that Thanos' wellbeing currently stands at 500 rather than 800. Regarding these changes, Epic said in a post on Reddit, "Our purpose is to allow more folks to truly experience the power of Thanos, while also helping you feel more powerful when wielding the gauntlet."

    Today's update also addresses loot drops from the fortnite weapons Infinity Gauntlet mode.

    The new Fortnite upgrade also makes some general changes, such as lowering the elevation of the conflict bus and a bigger storm ring at the start of games. These moves are meant to provide more players using a reasonable shot at playing as Thanos. A strategy for acquiring the Infinity Gauntlet involved leaping out of the battle bus in the last minute and hovering in the air until the comet carrying the gauntlet crashed to the island.