Closers Founders Packs Out Now, November 7 CBT Access Included

  • Closers Credits dark command costumeEn Masse Entertainment has released the newest Founders Packs with regards to anime-themed action MMORPG, Closers. All in the packages will include entry to the game’s upcoming Closed Beta which can be slated to look live on November 7th.

    There are four founders packs available including $14.99 entirely up to $149.99. The packs include exclusive in-game costumes, premium currency, the “Founder” title, and, except to the lowest tier, can even include Elite Status with varying number of days with regards to the pack’s price. You can find out more on a state Closers store.

    If you'd like to learn more about the overall Closers Credits NA game before reaching for your wallet, you can take a look at Omer’s First Look video following your break.