As for the optional hardcore options he was talking about

  • ARK Park" is a virtual reality (VR) spinoff of "ARK: Survival Evolved." It will somehow mirror the "Jurassic Park" franchise for it is about a dinosaur park. In an interview with PC Gamer, Snail Games executive producer Sky Wu stated that the upcoming game is casual in nature with options for hardcore elements. This is because the park in the game was designed for players to explore at their own paces. Moreover, Wu said that "ARK Park" will have single and multiplayer modes wherein players will set out on the park to see the different dinosaur and plant attractions. An important gameplay element for players to  ARK Items remember is that they have to collect gene cubes from dinosaurs so that they will be able to build and develop their own petting zoos.


    As for the optional hardcore options he was talking about, Wu said that the park will also feature "hunting areas" where players have to survive attacks from dinosaurs by using their collected gene cubes and resources to create weapons. To collect gene cubes, however, players must use their wit by manipulating the environment, for example. Wu also stated that "ARK Park" will be educational. Players can learn more about the creatures in the park in the visitor center.According to Comic Book, the Deluxe Edition of "ARK Park" that will release on March 22 will provide players with additional outfits and an exclusive dinosaur mount that has not yet been revealed.