Stay away from this fruit if you want to lose weight!

  • Like right now? Actually, bananas are bad as the superfood. Especially health fetishists love the yellow fruit because of its high potassium value (good for the heart) and as a vitamin B6 source (important for strong nerves).

    Stay away from bananas

    Bananas contain about 25 percent of sugar and thus fall into the moderately acid food group. But beware: The nutrition expert told the online portal "Byride": "If only one banana is eaten without the right fat, then all the benefits of the fruit will be lost, but blood sugar levels and acid levels in the body shoot up!"

    Photo from: balklänningar

    Especially for supporters of the alkaline diet , this is the absolute horror. Because they believe that reducing acidic foods and regulating the body's pH levels is the key to a healthy and lean body.

    Dr. Daryl Gioffre continues: " Bananas give you a quick boost of energy, but then they make you tired and hungry quickly!" That's because any form of sugar in the body fermented, causing alcohol.

    This in turn slows down our digestion, insulin levels are rising and food cravings are inevitable. Aha, so no more bananas for breakfast!