In the center of the celebration

  • The ranks of the parade have become more and more "lively", in the city center, fans thrown a car, causing riots, the crowd shouts from time to time. Some fans climb the Ritz-Carlton, then jump from the second floor to the car below. In the center of Madden Coins the celebration, fans covered all the places, eaves, cars, trash cans, billboards and even traffic lights. A parade fan told CBS reporters that "a great race, which they deserve, and I want to join the parade."


    It is reported that the Hawks fans gathered to attack the police after the victory, the scene sounded the explosion, the crowd overturned the car, throwing stones each other. Local security forces are trying to deter frenzied people, injured by police and civilians. The police currently do not have enough police force to maintain order. It is estimated that there are currently over 100,000 people on the streets.