In addition to doing their job on the defensive end

  • Although this game is only Van Dyke joined Liverpool's first show, but the strength of FIFA 18 Coins the Dutch are still fully integrated into the Liverpool's overall tactics. He and Matiopu Zhongwei combination of the audience to play solid, both in each other's complement or positive defense, have not given Everton offensive line too many opportunities, if the only flaw is Van Dijk and goalkeeper Carrius's tacit agreement also seems to be some not enough, appeared in the second half as a result of hesitation with the strange door will cause danger. And Fan Dike and Matip Zhongwei combination no accident will also become the first choice of the future Klopp defense.


    In addition to doing their job on the defensive end, Van Dyke's play on the offensive end is even more stunning to describe. The Netherlands nationals in this game will be the characteristics of its "knife and knife" is most vividly demonstrated, many times in the corner and free kick in the melee goal to create threat to each other at the end of the game is even more impressive with a note of Taishan pressure top Live in the other defender Jagiellon headed home to help the team lore opponents. In the data, the performance of Van Dijk is also near perfect: 5 times the success of the audience against the highest success, the audience 79 second touch the ball and the same is the highest two shots, the full data let you Liverpool almost will feel like buying a new center!