Cyclopean Coil As the attribute-focused item

  • Cyclopean Coil

    As the attribute-focused item in the set, the bonuses of this Item have been chosen to be mainly defensive, using a secondary offensive impact that may be constructed around. Attribute stacking is absolutely nothing new in exalted orbs. Current builds already use items just like the Whispering Ice and Hand of Wisdom and Action to significant effect. Nonetheless, all those builds focus on stacking a single attribute as higher as you possibly can.

    This belt attempts to supply a slightly different spin to an attribute-focused gearing technique, where you might want to care about your lowest attribute for damage, instead of only caring about a single one particular cheap exalted orbs. You also possess the capability to develop into immune to two ailments of the selection, based on how your attributes fall into a spot, which is incredibly potent in lots of scenarios. BY here now... well done, come on!

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