Final Fantasy 15 Update Lets You Ruin Prompto's Hobby, Take You

  • Square Enix has shared new details regarding a forthcoming update for Final Fantasy XV, rather than all from the news is probably going to please Prompto.
    On its Japanese website (as translated by Gematsu), Square Enix outlined the contents associated with an update arriving on January 24. Most notable is what is known as a "self-photographing feature," which while you can probably figure out allows that you take your FFXIV Gil individual photos. It's specified that one could only do this beyond battle, so that it'll still be as much as Prompto to secure any mid-fight pictures available for you.
    The photos taken by Prompto have proven being an unexpected highlight on the game. It remains being seen just how much control you have over those you are taking yourself.
    Aside in the photo feature, the update includes additions to the free and paid holiday DLC packs. The Moogle Chocobo Carnival is examining, along with a new Noctis-only costume and also a photo frame are being added.
    Square Enix has extensive plans for post-launch support, both regarding free updates and paid DLC. An exploit recently revealed expansive areas with the game that went unused inside the game, fueling speculation that it may very well be used from now on DLC. Furthermore, if you would like to buy FF14 Gil, visit the site MMOAH enjoying best service!