Blanche fuji's Album: Elevator Factory Share For Safety, Pleas

In today's community, high-rises will set up elevators. Elevators have become the most common public tools used in daily life. It is very important to regularly maintain and repair elevators. Follow the fujihd Elevator Factory to see the following situations. How should it be repaired and maintained? First, the door is not closed, the elevator can be selected to start. Overhaul and troubleshooting methods: 1 door lock relay JMS has jamming and often sucks, removes and replaces relay JMS; 2 door lock switch KMT contact sticking (micro switch door lock), remove or replace the door lock. Second, the elevator suddenly stops while driving. Overhaul and troubleshooting methods: 1 door knife collides with the door wheel, so that the lock arm is disengaged, the door lock switch KMT is disconnected, the door lock relay JMS loses power, the elevator immediately stops, and the door lock roller and the door knife position are adjusted. Third, the door opening speed has no shifting. Overhaul and troubleshooting methods: 1 door open level limit switch 1KM is damaged, replace the switch 1KM; 2 The open circuit shunt resistor RKM is broken, and the resistor RKM is replaced. Fourth, the door closing speed has no shifting speed. Overhaul and troubleshooting methods: 1Close the first and second limit switches 1GM, 2GM damage, replace 1GM, 2GM; 2 The closing circuit resistance RGM is broken, and the resistor RGM is replaced. Fifth, the switch door speed is slow Inspection and troubleshooting methods: the door opener belt slips and tensions the belt. 6. When the door is opened and closed, the door leaf vibrates greatly. Inspection and troubleshooting methods: 1 door pulley is seriously worn, replace the door pulley; 2 door guide rail deformation or loose deflection, correct the door rail, adjust and fasten the guide rail; 3 the chute in the sill is too dusty or has debris , hinder the sliding of the door, should clean the chute; 4 door lock two rollers and the door knife is not close, the gap is large, adjust the door lock. information about Elevator Factory :