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Elevator Supplier share how to safely run the elevator: 1. Inspection and preparation before the elevator travels (1) Before opening the landing door into the car, please pay attention to whether the car is parked on the floor. (2) Turn on the interior lighting of the car. (3) Before starting work every day, go up and down the elevator several times, and use it after impermanence. (4) After the landing door is closed, it cannot be rotated by hand from the outside of the landing door. When the landing door is not completely closed, the elevator cannot start normally. (5) The leveling accuracy should be no significant change (within the specified range). (6) Clean the interior of the car, the door slot and the visible part of the passenger. 2, should pay attention to elevator travel (1) The load of the car should not exceed the rated weight. (2) Passenger elevators must not be used as freight elevators frequently. (3) It is not allowed to transport flammable or explosive dangerous goods. In case of special circumstances, the management office shall approve, approve and strictly implement safety protection measures and transport. (4) When the landing door is open, it is strictly forbidden to start the elevator for general driving by pressing the maintenance button. It is not allowed to press the maintenance and emergency stop button to consume the selection signal during normal driving. (5) It is not allowed to use the roof safety window and the opening of the car safety door to transport long objects. (6) Do not lean on the door when driving. (7) The top of the roof shall not be placed except for the inherent equipment of the elevator. 3. When the following failure occurs while using the elevator, immediately notify the maintenance personnel and stop the maintenance. (1) After the floor and car door are completely closed, the elevator cannot drive normally; (2) When the running speed changes significantly; (3) The elevator travels by itself before the car and the car door are closed; (4) when the direction of travel is opposite to the selected direction; (5) When the internal selection is fast, the call is summoned and the finger layer signal is out of control; (6) There are abnormal noises, large vibrations and shocks; (7) When the car is below the rated load, if it continues to operate at the terminal station position; (8) When the safety gear fails; (9) Any metal part has a charge when it contacts the elevator; (10) When it is found that the electronic component generates a hot odor due to overheating. 4. When the elevator runs out, the administrator should park the car at the base station, disconnect all control panel switches, and close the landing door. 5. If the elevator does not work for a long time, the total power of the elevator room should be turned off. information about Elevator Supplier :