gaganpreetroi roi's Album: Bus trip from Hyderabad to Bangalore

People looking to take up a road journey from Hyderabad to Bangalore generally select buses, as it is a convenient and effortless way of transportation. Being one of the significant bus route in the Southern region of India, which is known to be serviced by many famous bus operators. Bangalore being the capital city of Karnataka is perceived as a humming cosmopolitan, additionally as the blend of different communities. The fantastic street network and smooth transport framework enables individuals to access this city without facing any hiccups. The city has seen unprecedented development and is now known as the silicon valley of India. The locals now refer to the place as the city of youngsters as it features everything from green parks to developing infrastructure to breweries that remain open till late at night. The breweries are one of the best places to hang out after a tiring day at work for some rejuvenation time. There are rooftop cafes, late night eateries in almost every lane. One of the best parts about Bangalore is that it has retained its greenery even with the upcoming rapid infrastructure development. The roads that take you to these places are all surrounded by greenery making the ride quite pleasant. If this is not enough for you, the older part of the city will is nothing short of a city within a jungle. Bangalore is known to have the highest number of parks where you will see hundreds of people taking a stroll or jogging. One of the best places to visit during your stay here is Cubbon park which is on a 300 acre land. I took online bus tickets from ; I decided on a Scania AC Multi Axle Seater bus. The bus journey of 9 hours from Hyderabad to Bangalore, that was smooth and comfortable. I boarded the transport from Nizampet at 8:30pm and reached Mekhri Circle at around 6:30am the next day. The bus transport accompanied neat interiors and cosy seating arrangements. Besides, they gave refreshment stops along with water bottles, blankets and snacks. Hyderabad is combines with a bunch of attractions that pull vacationers from all over the globe. The wealthy legacy and best network with distinct spots makes it a famous location of visit in India. After spending a weekend trip to Hyderabad, taking a bus while returning to my home in Bangalore was a great decision. I have encounter its few appealing areas in Hyderabad with different variables. I truly needed to taste the local road nourishment that savoured my taste buds. Hyderabad has an endless rundown of excellent spots, which most likely made my end of the week an immaculate one. I was amazed with the rich and authentic cultural heritage that featured Hyderabad. The journey by bus from Hyderabad to Bangalore passed through many scenic places and lush green fields. While going by bus simply make sure to carry your earphones and a couple of fast snacks to chomp on. It created a memorable bus journey experience for me!